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Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Yes - the deed was done.
Hell, what a good piercer he is! I had Mark at TUSK, and he rocks. Not only is he a decent guy, but he is a really good piercer. He talked me though the proceedure and was really good with the breathing when it came time to put needle to skin.
My 2 ear lobes weren't the most difficult or harsh of piercings to have, but pushing a 3.2mm needle through a fleshy piece of skin and then pushing a 4mm acrylic tube through the fresh wound, aint the lightest of feelings.


That was prob the worst...the second one. By then I anticipated the pain.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

2 beautiful black tubes of acrylic held on with tiny black rubber rings. If all heals as it should, I'm going to go in and get some 5mm ones put in, in 2 weeks time. Another month or 2 and I can replace those with beautiful, steel flesh tunnels. So you can see the skin of my neck through them.


Now I've just got to endure the cleaning 3 times a day and the strange mode of sleeping as if I'm a damn vampire - on my back, no head movement.


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