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Friday, January 20, 2006


Well, I blogged briefly about the first one. Didn't make the 2nd, but was there for the 3rd.

There was no formal speaker this time, but Rachel Jones from Instrata spoke about designing UI's for mobiles, and how the dilemna was whether to design an interface that would be familiar to people, or whether to design an interface that may work better or show off the new phone features better.

Bill Thompson
, a tech journalist, also spoke, and Jen Dixon, who spoke about us all being geeks of one kind or the other.

Katy Pearce had a chat too about Global Voices online.

There was another podcast - I tried to make up for my last drunken blathering by blathering on drunkenly.
I just need to stop it - see microphone and run. It's not good.

I met a couple of new people, which was the whole point really, and managed to bring a few gals along to swell the ranks. Wine was thoughtfully sponsored by StormHoek and Instrata.

This is Kate - who took loads of pics. Nice to meet you Kate. We want to live in your house.

oops - cant link from yr flickr

This is AJ, DrJane and Mia

oops - cant link from yr flickr


Blogger Katy said...

That's okay

www.flickr.com/photos/katypearce is my flickr!


1:10 pm


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