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Thursday, January 05, 2006

phpGroupWare - oooh, go on then!

ok, cruising round the 'net as you do, and I noticed this app http://www.backpackit.com/ - which seems like a quick fix for collaborating with others over the internet.
At work, we have freelancers, and as admin, one of the many, many boring tasks I do is clearing out our mail server of dead mails - and a fair proportion of em, belong to mail that cannot be delivered to freelancers coz they are using yahoo or something like that, and the attachments are too big to store.
( I've set up gmail accounts for them, I've given them tutorials on compresing stuff, but clearly the onus is on me to figure a solution.)

So, off I googled to see if I could find an online collaboratory open-source thingie somewhere. And this may be it.


So far I've built a redhat 9 server-ette and bunged the tarball on it, uncompressed it, shunted it to where its gonna live and updated the cvs. all, I may add by following the Installation and Security HOW-TO.

Next I'm going to have to configure Apache and php.


Blogger kenplaysviola said...

ANy update on this? has your experience with phpgroupware been good? I'm debating either this or Sharepoint.

4:30 pm


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