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Well, lets see if this blog lasts longer than a bored afternoon. Lotus domino, community wireless networks, Camberwell, greater London Ladies Drinking Club, mojitos, Burning Man and big art in general...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

xxcopy, dreaming of an elegant solution

ok, so now I've figured some of the more arcane switches. mmmmm,lovely warm spare...wouldn't say hot spare as there will be a 3 hr window. But not bad I say! Esp sor SMB eh? More anon of my (hopefully)elegant solution.

Monday, September 12, 2005

xxcopy:rsynch and cygwin or DFS

a veritable menu of options - shall sequester myself in a dark room till I figure out the best one. up to the northern parts in the latter part of the week so will need to make a decision soon. more on this later.


hmmm, ok DFS aint gonna cut it. Cygwin aint gonna cut it. XXCopy using time/data stamp will have to do. Glasgow is going to be cold and wet apparently. All the better to stay indoors and work.

Mutton dancing like lamb chop

Yikes...thought I was too old for a 3 day bender/weekender..I am.
Day 1 - thursday night - the dirty red ball, advertised as a lesbian extravaganza. Yeah, right. I was impressed, don't get me wrong. For a lezzer do, it had a great venue, good acts ( even though I gave up and left before Empress Stah came on, bah!)and, *GASP*, people made the effort to dress up. The jeans and t-shirt brigade as there, depressingly, and, more worryingly, some rather straight looking men amongst those. So much for entry to straight men in drag only. Not that I mind partying with straight men, mind you, but not if the event is supposedly for gals.
Went off the the End afterwards and danced the night away.
Day 2 - friday, Ultrafunk Boat party - Daren and Pete doing their thang. mmm - London from the the river, at night. Beautiful. Till 2, then off for more party action at someone's house.
Day 3 - wasted the day away with mimosas and BMP. yeah. Club Wotever, for about an hour. Had hoped to catch my friends kitty:woo routine - tube hell ensured I was 5 mins too late. Bugger. Too crowded downstairs for my liking - the heady mix of dad's best woolen suit and nylon lounge wear created heat of unsurpassed proportions. Either that or my dance-a-thon has brought on early menopause. Jumped in mates cab to get the hell home.
Day 4 - boozy lunch at the Peckham Hotel. Yes you read it right, hotel. Well, it looked like a pub to me. Food is fab, didnt see the garden out back but apparently is fab. Just in Peckham Rye. Shall be going again. Rather fine chilean white and red.

The leggy blonde returned from France.