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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3 = sucks

this is an email I tried to send them from their web site. Not surprisingly, the email function didn't work.

**I wanted to tell you how unhappy I am with your service. I keep on getting my calls cut off. I keep on getting my voicemails 3 days late. I now cannot make calls because the unlucky recipients say I sound like I am phoning from a wind tunnel. I cannot believe you have the gall to offer a paid-for service that doesn't offer the basic uses of a mobile phone. And, no, I don't want to get my phone flashed again - are you going to pay for the time I have to take off work to go and get it done? Are you going to replace my peace of mind and good mood that is lost by a/ having to go through the intense frustration of trying to use your service and b/ the sheer irritation of having to stand in a queue to get my phone flashed? No you are not. And while I'm on the subject - using a call centre that doesn't speak english well enough to communicate to me and can only offer me, in way of compensation, a special deal on video calls next time I renew my package, when, I neither make video calls nor intend to renew my contract with you. I have successfully dissuaded 2 people from signing up with you, and intend to do more.**

I have also just heard that apparently, if the volume of mobile calls on BT network is heavy, the next service to suffer it O2, and after that 3. So, basically, if BT and other mobile networks are busy..3 users get their calls cut off. Aah that explains it then. Good packages, now we know why. People can't use the bloody things.

/rant over