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Well, lets see if this blog lasts longer than a bored afternoon. Lotus domino, community wireless networks, Camberwell, greater London Ladies Drinking Club, mojitos, Burning Man and big art in general...

Friday, September 30, 2005

random snippets from my phone

Not in chronological order...

"Yeah i bet you lurve it well violent, freak..."

"Yep.It's a jungle out there... Sharp haircut is almost more important than sharp elbows x"

"She couldnt move her limbs at all. She was simply too battered & bruised.A timid squeal of agony escaped her lips..."

"Aye,that would b grand.New toys do indeed illicit urgent urges 2 play. And one rarely gets bored of playing...I await a more auspicious moment.. x"


"Ha ha, No. I'm suspending someone by meat hooks underneath a dinner table. . . Show at fetish event in b'ham on weekend. me? Shake my booty in public? Ha!"

"As she turned the key, she felt a tight grip round her neck. Then the blade in her back..."

"Do they do zebra flavour? ;) i'll trust ur judgement,my dear.Kitten heels?In ur dreams.All action commando socks adorn my feet..."

"Affirmative,sir. "

"Slammed my friend. off to paris in am, back sat. dinner at mine next tues? m x "

"Hi boyz. Intimate Fem Slumber Party 2moro wiv moi, xxxxx + xxxxxx. Allowed in 4 10mins only, 9-12pm. Be seen not heard. Bring choc or die! : ) Txt 4 addy x x"

"Where are you ? Would not mind your gorgeous hands touching my strong arms ? "

"sulking ? Dont... Its camera phone. . ."

"On way home. You cool chicken ?"

"You are a bad dog xxx. Remember threesome action ? We have to stop, wild girl. . . "

"So how are you, little cute goat ?"

"On your travels, see if you can spot a billboard advertising: house of wax, some movie. . . Talk about shooting your load. . ."

"God If I'd known, I'd have stayed in town and snatched you . . ."

Monday, September 26, 2005


the bitter tears of petra von kant - ENO

ok, I've never been to see an opera. Well, I saw Die Vledermaus once - like 2 decades ago, when twatted, in SA. Doesn't really count now does it.

set - mmm, 70's kinda flat scenery but demarcated into different rooms by area and design. Costumes - 70's fabulousness, with wigs used as part of ones wardrobe - reminds me of my mum back in the day. *titter* v. glam.
sung in english, but, due to the soaring operatic-ness of the voices, rendered impossible to make out the words usually. No matter - they had a scrolling text thingie above proscenium arch. Kinda odd to have someone sing rather ordinary dialogue though - e.g. " oh damn.." sung opera stylee.
Loads of queerness in the audience - guess due to subject matter and all those DINKIES.

I loved it. The story line was easy enough to follow - due to my opera partner kindly sending me a link to the synopsis. Dramatic ol love/hate story, set in Berlin. Entire experience enboldened by fizz and BMP. Yes lady, you know who you are. The ENO itself is rather delicious - well the bits that I saw. I aspire to a box.

Went off to Browns for quick booze top up afterwards. Then to G-Lounge for HUSSY. Interesting muzak, probably interesting crowd. Me, being ancient - got bored and wanted to go home.