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Well, lets see if this blog lasts longer than a bored afternoon. Lotus domino, community wireless networks, Camberwell, greater London Ladies Drinking Club, mojitos, Burning Man and big art in general...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

xxcopy, no fun and games

Righteo - round two of playing with xxcopy. It seems that non ascii characters do not copy over when using xxcopy. So all those thousands of files that our lovely mac users create, named with as many words and characters as they can possible summon, are not copying across. A lovely mixture of path being more than 255 characters ( can you believe) and characters such as question marks.

hip bloody hip horray

Don't make me use backup exec, please, don't make me....

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

XP, security updates and compiled html help files

Oh another gotcha. If you should want to download a compiled html file, extension = .chm, and you happen to be using XP, you can open the thing but cannot see any info.

Go to file, R-click it and at the bottom, tell the darn thing to stop unblocking it.


Monday, August 22, 2005

xxcopy, let the games begin...

righteo - have cranked up xxcopy to use as a file shunter over a WAN.

scenario - one data server in one city, one data server in another. Max 1Mb pipe for data transfer.

PartitionL on server1 for live data, PartitionL on server2 for a read only copy of same data.
PartitionG on server2 for live data, PartitionG on server1 for read only copy of same data.

see whereI'm going here? Disaster recovery and business continuity....aaaah catchword du jour (read, ever since 9/11)

so - we shunt live data from one city to a read only partition in another city, and visa versa.

today, is step one, gentle reader. Cloning the initial data from live partition to read only on other server.

xxcopy file:////server1/L: file:////server2/L: /clone

this, in theory will clone everything from share L from one to the other.

Needless to say, it's far more in-depth that what I'm slapping up here. For obv. reasons...