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Well, lets see if this blog lasts longer than a bored afternoon. Lotus domino, community wireless networks, Camberwell, greater London Ladies Drinking Club, mojitos, Burning Man and big art in general...

Friday, August 19, 2005

RIP software, bugger me, I just don't geddit

Right - frustration du jour...(besides the 2 older mac users who will not and can not change their working methods)

RIP software - sits between printer and user - user sends something to print - hits the RIP (raster imaging processor). Data goes from application, gets rasterized and printed. But no! iProofSystems PowerRipX and Canon W2200 doesn't play nice at all. Even though they are supposed to. No sirreee Bob.
And the 1 paltry support bloke for the entirety of Europe is never at his desk. So far he's been: in the warehouse, at lunch, not in today, very busy with other calls..

Quick fix was to hook it up to windoze server and add the macs to it via IP. Great for monitoring print runs. Not rasterization. You can hi-res PDF it, but the colour isn't true when it prints out.


Rant over.

And out.

Tattoo you...oh, ok..me then....

Hooray! Synchronicity, doncha love it ... prancing around Brighton Pride, I bumped into 2 mates that I haven't seen for years, since I was a chef in fact.
One of them, is a tattooist that I've been hankering to get in touch with. She rocks and her artwork is fine and delicious. She's back in London and that means that I'm due for a buffet of endorphin joy and ink!

Now I've just got to tighten up the designs I have in mind and start saving.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

pic...oh buggery

hmmm, how about a HUGE pic on the front page then..why did I think it would end up discreetly on my full profile instead?


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More wifi:porn

Ok, so I'm going to start my wifi love by making an external antenna. Obviously a homebrew is best so I'll start there.

Maplins is about to become my best friend. Ooooh, or maybe freecycle stuff, even better and fits in with my ethos of freeing up some pipe, for free. hmmm.


Oh, ok...my model router doesn't have an external antenna port. Bugger. Soldering iron..




ok, antenna screws off...this is good. It can be replaced...


Teeny little hangover this a.m. Nowt that stong java and Dr. Pepper can't cure though. Why..? Went to geek girl do last night at the Texas Embassy. Chance to test le Tex-Mex and hang with geekie girls. Lovely. Had some interesting chats and met some interesting people. Didn't get hit with a Fajita tho'. More's the pity.

Salad Fingers. Google it. Turn the sound up, it's better that way. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Camberwell, well, well....

Aah the marvellous manor of SE5. I've just moved there from SE1, so have added an extra 30 mins to my daily bus journey to work. Fortunately, I still have a 1 bus-to-work situation ( a prerequisite for flat purchasing ) and it's pretty empty when I alight.

Have collected an admirer ! His name is Ahmed and he is a strapping guy of 27. He wants me to be his girlfriend. Yeah right. Somehow my boyish dress and mohican lures him to flirt and wheel about me on his bike.
*Since having seen him with some little girly trotting behind him and nagging, he hasn't chatted to me since.
I do feel as if I've done my bit for community relations and am less intimidated when passing the group of "hooded youths" in the neighbourhood though. Hurrah.

Places to go:

Hermits cave - a pub nr the green which, as my mate Andy says, is a place for old gits. I feel quite at home there, and I've spotted the odd cute girlie bargirl.
Sun & Doves - up Coldharbour Lane a bit - fab bar with free wireless and gorgeous garden out back. Cocktails and good food, had my b'day there. Nice staff.
Tadim Cafe - Turkish cafe resturant thingie. Mural of Fethiye on the wall, which, seeing as I had a fab holiday in that region, has endeared the place to me.

Community Wireless Networks

Having gotten a 2mb ADSL link and wireless router for wurk, I've been wondering if I could find a use for the bandwidth I'm not using during working hours.


This is partcularly interesting to me as years ago, I had a dream of figuring out a roll-my-own solution to internet access for rural societies. I believe there was an article in WIRED mag. about a solution that involved each community ( or maybe it was a schoolhouse in each community) having a server and workstations. Students would send their emails and page requests to the central server. Some bloke would go round and "collect" the data and then shoot it off into the ether from a connected node. Needless to say, I'm sure there was far more info in the article than my 4:20 addled brain can remember, but still.. an interesting take.