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Well, lets see if this blog lasts longer than a bored afternoon. Lotus domino, community wireless networks, Camberwell, greater London Ladies Drinking Club, mojitos, Burning Man and big art in general...

Friday, January 06, 2006

noo year dear, new festi action

Ops from SF flew thru town the other day. Over kumquat mojitos and dim sum, him, I and the kimmie hatched a festival plan. Well actually we just kinda latched on to his and expanded it a bit.

hoya! kicking it off we have:



need I say more. It's in northern cali so we can fly in to SF or LA, decompress a wee while - head up to Eel River, Piercy. 3 days of reggae, world music, enjoying nature and the fruits thereof, and , I would imagine, a cool bunch of people.

After that - probably up to NYC - mind you, saying that, the second festival is on the west coast of canada so we may end up zig-zagging across the states if we do that.

The second one - buggered if I can remember the details - all the kumquat mojito let me remember was that it was cool, it was on the east side of the western most territory in canukeland. Google hasn't been my friend in this matter. Shall need to update.

So - that's aug and september sorted then. Pass me the plastic honey - that darn water tank can wait.

P.H.L.A.K. - man! It's gotta be done...

wowzer - I've been fiddling with php groupware which I chucked on a Dell box. man that box sucks...it sucked when I bought it 3 years ago - always blue screening, think it came with win2k originally. Then it got XP'd. Still crap. Now its got fedora core on it and it still just doesn't run right.
Anyhoo - linux - man, webmin aint running right, keeps freezing, ssh freezes up, more or less the same probs as when it had a windows install...cheap shitty build or dodgy ram, who knows... May wipe it and swap out the ram, see if that makes any difference.
I'm sure I've got some old elononex or hp workstation somewhere, where I can install PHLAK. Seems to be a security distro with an app called Sneak - gives you an XP shell with 'nix underneath. Excellent - now I can stalk and strut round the LAN properly, whilst looking all windowsy.

Chock full of security tools: HERE IT IS


Oooh! wonder if it will fit on that crappy old notebook I got hanging around.
Hmmm, mobile hack:kit


Work to do? sure I've got work to do, but y'know..keeping your staff enthused is all part of happy employees. I'm keeping myself enthused.

Change of direction

Whoo-hoo! The new year has brought renewed geekiness to the fore. I've abandoned waffling of a personal nature as I've managed to bore myself. Navel gazing and all that...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

phpGroupWare - oooh, go on then!

ok, cruising round the 'net as you do, and I noticed this app http://www.backpackit.com/ - which seems like a quick fix for collaborating with others over the internet.
At work, we have freelancers, and as admin, one of the many, many boring tasks I do is clearing out our mail server of dead mails - and a fair proportion of em, belong to mail that cannot be delivered to freelancers coz they are using yahoo or something like that, and the attachments are too big to store.
( I've set up gmail accounts for them, I've given them tutorials on compresing stuff, but clearly the onus is on me to figure a solution.)

So, off I googled to see if I could find an online collaboratory open-source thingie somewhere. And this may be it.


So far I've built a redhat 9 server-ette and bunged the tarball on it, uncompressed it, shunted it to where its gonna live and updated the cvs. all, I may add by following the Installation and Security HOW-TO.

Next I'm going to have to configure Apache and php.